neděle 2. března 2014

AP - Country of Sweets

Hi Dears! ^^ I add here a few pics of my new JSK I promise to show you..Country of Sweets is also one of my most favourite AP prints and I'm so glad to own some piece in pink^^ :D

středa 12. února 2014

AP - Wonder Party

Hi Dears! ^^ A few months later I bought Angelic Pretty - Wonder Party skirt in baby blue color. I'm so glad about it because Wonder Party is actually my dream print. I'd also like to thank Silvie for helping me with making order from Closet Child. Thank you so much Dear! ^^ Tutorial here

sobota 4. ledna 2014

ħπ - double clips & berets

Hi Dears! ^_^ I decided to share with you new ħπ collection - consists of different kinds of hair accessories - double clips and decorated berets. Link on egl!

čtvrtek 26. prosince 2013

Christmas Tea Party

Hi Dears! ^^ A few days ago we had Christmas Lolita Tea Party in beautiful oldschool sweetshop.  For this occasion I decided to wear my new AP Wonder Party skirt (I'll add more info and photos early :) ). Also sorry for my no-posting-era, unfortunately I've much to do for school now -_-'.

Silvi & me 

pondělí 25. listopadu 2013

Simply Classic Lolita

Hi Dears! ^_^ I'm going to show you a few pics of my first classic lolita try. It's quite simple outfit.

pondělí 4. listopadu 2013

Sweet-shop with friends - twin outfit

Hi Dears! ^_^ a few days ago my friends and I was in a sweet-shop to celebrate Silvie's B-Day. For this occassion Silvie and me decided to wear twin outfits ^^ we match with dresses, collars, berets, ots, satchels and coats.

sobota 5. října 2013

ħπ - double clips

Hi Dears! ^_^ Today, I'm going to show you double pearl hair clips we made with Silvie for our little brand  ħπ . We made these clips in many different colors and designs and than decided to sell them on EGL. Actually, we've sold them all (I was secretly hoping that we won't sell anything and can keep them all :D) There is also possibility to make custom item :).