sobota 28. září 2013

Shopping Update ~

Hi Dears! ^_^ It's time for next shopping update!..Mostly accessories but also a few new dresses etc..

pondělí 9. září 2013

Porcelain Doll Tea Party and contest

Hi Dears! ^_^ I decided to post here pics from my photoshoot for Porcelai Doll contest (I took part in). Well, I didn't come to mind to participate in it but Silvie came up with this nice idea. I'm very grateful to her ^^. It was pretty fun to make this photoshoot because there weren't anyone who could take photos of my outfit. So, I had to make DIY tripod and so there was super crazy mess everywhere XD.

neděle 1. září 2013

Short hair

New hairstyle? No, sorry, just a wig!
Hi Dears ^_^ today, I'm going to show you a few pics of my new wig I bought a couple weeks ago. Well, I was thinking about cutting my hair in real but finally I decided that this is better solution. Do you think so?