čtvrtek 26. prosince 2013

Christmas Tea Party

Hi Dears! ^^ A few days ago we had Christmas Lolita Tea Party in beautiful oldschool sweetshop.  For this occasion I decided to wear my new AP Wonder Party skirt (I'll add more info and photos early :) ). Also sorry for my no-posting-era, unfortunately I've much to do for school now -_-'.

Silvi & me 

pondělí 25. listopadu 2013

Simply Classic Lolita

Hi Dears! ^_^ I'm going to show you a few pics of my first classic lolita try. It's quite simple outfit.

pondělí 4. listopadu 2013

Sweet-shop with friends - twin outfit

Hi Dears! ^_^ a few days ago my friends and I was in a sweet-shop to celebrate Silvie's B-Day. For this occassion Silvie and me decided to wear twin outfits ^^ we match with dresses, collars, berets, ots, satchels and coats.

sobota 5. října 2013

ħπ - double clips

Hi Dears! ^_^ Today, I'm going to show you double pearl hair clips we made with Silvie for our little brand  ħπ . We made these clips in many different colors and designs and than decided to sell them on EGL. Actually, we've sold them all (I was secretly hoping that we won't sell anything and can keep them all :D) There is also possibility to make custom item :).

sobota 28. září 2013

Shopping Update ~

Hi Dears! ^_^ It's time for next shopping update!..Mostly accessories but also a few new dresses etc..

pondělí 9. září 2013

Porcelain Doll Tea Party and contest

Hi Dears! ^_^ I decided to post here pics from my photoshoot for Porcelai Doll contest (I took part in). Well, I didn't come to mind to participate in it but Silvie came up with this nice idea. I'm very grateful to her ^^. It was pretty fun to make this photoshoot because there weren't anyone who could take photos of my outfit. So, I had to make DIY tripod and so there was super crazy mess everywhere XD.

neděle 1. září 2013

Short hair

New hairstyle? No, sorry, just a wig!
Hi Dears ^_^ today, I'm going to show you a few pics of my new wig I bought a couple weeks ago. Well, I was thinking about cutting my hair in real but finally I decided that this is better solution. Do you think so?

čtvrtek 1. srpna 2013

Simply Oldschool: 2 lolita skirts

Hi Dears ^_^ Today, I'm going to show you a few pics of simple lolita skirts I made in two different colors : in lavender for my friend and in black for me (and also another black one for Silvi).

čtvrtek 25. července 2013

2 outfits: Summer

Hi Dears! ^^ I have noticed I usually add only individual pics of my clothes so, for change, I decided to show you a few photos of my summer outfits and some details (as usually).
No. 1:

pondělí 15. července 2013

Summer shopping update

Hi Dears! ^_^ Domi is back again! I'm sorry for my noblogging-era (my camera wasn't available for 2 months and than I was busy because of final exam) ...hope that I'll be more active blogger now :D

Nail polish: Gabriella Salvete (2$ for each)
 Earings: Takko (3$)Tea-cup ring: Six (3$)Flowers: H&M (1$) Claire's (4$)

neděle 7. dubna 2013

Review: Neo - Ruby Queen Gray lenses

Hi Dears! My very first circle lenses finally arrived on Friday and I'm going to show you a few pictures ^_^ Also, this weekend my bro Silvi came to me and she helped me with putting on the lenses (thank you very much dear).. I admit..it was hell to put them on :D Just hope that I'll learn quickly how to do it X'D.

neděle 10. března 2013

Shopping update ^__^

Hi Dears! It's time for a next shopping update ^_^ I haven't posted any new clothes for a long time and this isn't everything I have bougth :D I have also got some money for Christmas and I had to spend it all of course..

neděle 17. února 2013

Pastel pink stripes

Hi Dears! ^_^ This weekend I was painting my room with pastel pink stripes (but just one wall). It was laborious but fortunately my friend Silvi helped me. I'm so grateful to her ^_^.

sobota 5. ledna 2013

Anime girl

Hi Dears! I decided to post a few pictures of my japanese-school-uniform-like outfit ^_^ ...
I remember my otaku life – best memories from the past XD