čtvrtek 25. července 2013

2 outfits: Summer

Hi Dears! ^^ I have noticed I usually add only individual pics of my clothes so, for change, I decided to show you a few photos of my summer outfits and some details (as usually).
No. 1:

pondělí 15. července 2013

Summer shopping update

Hi Dears! ^_^ Domi is back again! I'm sorry for my noblogging-era (my camera wasn't available for 2 months and than I was busy because of final exam) ...hope that I'll be more active blogger now :D

Nail polish: Gabriella Salvete (2$ for each)
 Earings: Takko (3$)Tea-cup ring: Six (3$)Flowers: H&M (1$) Claire's (4$)