neděle 7. dubna 2013

Review: Neo - Ruby Queen Gray lenses

Hi Dears! My very first circle lenses finally arrived on Friday and I'm going to show you a few pictures ^_^ Also, this weekend my bro Silvi came to me and she helped me with putting on the lenses (thank you very much dear).. I was hell to put them on :D Just hope that I'll learn quickly how to do it X'D.

I decided to buy Ruby Queen lenses in my natural eye color from
Brand: Neo Cosmo
Dia: 14,2 mm
BC: 8,6 mm
2 cute cases and a little Honeycolor box ^_^
Lenses detail
Without lenses
With lenses

Finally I'm glad that I chose this type because they're very comfortable and natural-looking as I wanted :D (but in photos it looks a little bit more natural than in real XD).

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  1. you're so gorgeous! and they indeed look natural on you <3

  2. Bro! They looks awesome! Quite natural! You're always welcome to come to my flat in the morning to help you put them on. :D Going shower now XD

    1. Thank you ^_^ yeah!It's very kind from U Bro :D.. I still hope that I'll learn how to put them on

  3. I know it's about the contact lenses, but I lovelovelove your hair! ♡ Very beautiful. And the lenses look so natural, it suits you very nice!

  4. woww you have such a unique look! your haircolor is awsome!!
    lots of love <3

  5. Yay! :3 so awesome, they looks really natural ~ I got my first lenses recently and it was quite simple to put them into eyes ^^ (I've done it for the first time in my life,,, ALONE! XD) so I wish you that you learn it soon ;3

    1. Aww thank U ♥ your lenses are absolutely gorgeous ^^ Yes! Finally it's not soo difficult I think :)

  6. I've been looking at grey lenses lately for a unique colour, but your natural eye colour is already gorgeous!

  7. the lens look so natural and pretty on you !:)
    love your hair as well, :D
    btw im a new follower, follow back? :)

  8. i like your hair :D nice lenses too!

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  10. Thank you for your lovely comment <3

    Beautiful pictures, looks really good!

    Have a great day,
    x Maria